Rain or Shine!

29 04 2010

This week, we have a special guest post by Rain or Shine, a nicely detailed accounting of the new world record run of 695 caches in 24 hours. He, along with legoboyjj and ZSteve, did the first 600 in 18 hours. Wow, and zoom!

There will be more of this madness this summer, and yours truly will probably be involved in an attempt of some kind or another to break this, meanwhile, enjoy this story!

Note: a Nevada Nano is pictured my post from last week – held up by Albackore. …. and yes, I’m still on track with my 100 day cache streak – more on that next week!

The Rundown (click below for a pdf of the text):
Trail of the Gods

The Over-achievers:

Night Vision:




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29 04 2010

We are glad you had fun. That is what is all about.

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