Desert Delights

23 04 2010

Even though the massive Trail of the Gods was archived, I headed out to the Primm, NV, area with Albackore and OLdweeb anyway. We did a couple of days of more “normal” caching, and I enjoyed what felt like a true vacation. By the way, the record has been broken again and is now 695. I hope to have a guest post from one of the over-achievers to share here next week!

Our first stop on the way was at the famous Mad Greek restaurant.

I had their signature dish: a gyro!

Outside, in the center of the town of Baker, is the world’s largest thermometer. As you can see, it was 84º that day.

We stayed at Buffalo Bill’s. They have a super rollercoaster, but we didn’t take time to ride it:

It was difficult to ascertain how to access the building, though:

Before heading out to the back roads, we found a few in the nearby parking lots. This particular hiding area shows evidence of much use!

Here we are at one of the few remaining deities:

Most of them were micro caches, but a few were large!

It’s always wonderful to see the desert blooming in spring:

We also saw THEM!!!

I dunno… should we be worried?

I like the challenge of negotiating dirt roads and getting my Prius way out there:

… and one of my favorite things about the desert are the marvelous sunsets!

Meanwhile, here are my latest daily finds. According to my count, I’ll find #100 on June 30 – right?
4/16 North Baker
4/17 Zeus
4/18 Before Spikes!
4/19 Bikencache 77
4/20 The First Time
4/21 On A Prairie
4/22 Buddy’s Favorite – really nice camo on this one
4/23 Looking over…




One response

10 06 2010

oh my lord, what was that giant bug???? remind me never to come to Nevada!

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