The Saga of the Trail of the Gods

15 04 2010

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, there were over 600 caches hidden along a powerline road between Baker, CA and Primm, NV, exciting all of the manic and obsessed geocachers. Each one was named for a god or person of mythology in a wide variety of cultures, hence the name “The Trail of the Gods.”

The Ventura Kids made the run with f0t0m0m and Cachepal, grabbing over 566 in less than 24 hours. This was the world record, beating even the latest cache run in Denmark and Sweden. A week later, that record was obliterated by Team Geo-Rangers and Peasinapod, who racked up 626 in a 24-hour period. I was intending to head out there this weekend for a relaxed two days of finding most of them in daylight hours, but earlier this week pretty much the whole trail was archived! This cache page has typical log entries for the record runners and reason behind “The Massacre of the Gods”:

Alas, the opportunity there is no more… but there will be an even longer run coming in June just north of Las Vegas. It’s purported to be an E.T. invasion and the fun starts at this event:
E.T. Highway Invasion!

Meanwhile, I’m on Day 24 of my caching streak!
4/10 Bashful
Here, I met up with two sets of cachers! This is Gummyfrog and Pattymack:

The cache is located at this lovely cemented-in tributary of the L.A. River:

4/11 WlACC, Cache to Eagle #4, Cahuenga District
4/12 Twisted Colonel
4/13 Musical Chairs
4/14 Barrel of Laughs
4/15 Beware of the Dogs Travel bug/Dog Toy Swap II

I should have some good desert photos for next week, as I’m heading out to the Nevada border anyway for some “normal” caching with Albackore and OLdweeb. Until then!




4 responses

19 04 2010
19 04 2010
Just John

I continue to be utterly amazed by these numbers. I’m currently on a visit to SoCal, and don’t have much time for Geocaching 😦

20 04 2010
Elin Carlson

Do the folks with 695 know that they’ve set the record? Who are they? LOL

20 04 2010
Mike Pacholik

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