So Far, So Good

10 04 2010

Here’s the next installment of my one-a-day caching program. I even got some good photos this week to post: a couple in Redlands and one in Thousand Oaks. There seem to be plenty popping up all over around my house, too.

4/1 Chlorophyll

4/2 SO Best Cache

4/3 Star Trek – Star Fleet Academy

4/4 Bus-did

Ha! A Cache Named for Me… sort of…
4/5 Carlson Cache

This park is in Culver City, CA:

4/6 Paint the Town Redlands

4/7 Grounded on White Oak

4/8 Trailhead micro #1

4/9 Dopey

… and now I’m off to find my cache for today! Wheee…..




4 responses

15 04 2010

Did you do a cache on the 12th? I did not see a log.

15 04 2010
Elin Carlson

4/12 Twisted Colonel


17 04 2010

Just making sure. I was worried.

17 04 2010
Elin Carlson

LoL – glad you are watching out for me! 🙂

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