Picking up the Gauntlet on a New Challenge

1 04 2010

I’ve completed some difficult geocaching challenges (such as finding caches in each county in California, and finding one of each combination of difficulty and terrain) and decided to take on another one: finding at least one cache each day for 100 consecutive days. One might think that with so many finds, I would have done that already, but I haven’t even gotten close. My longest streak so far has been 15 days. I’ve completed my first 9 days so far on this challenge, and will post my progress here each week. Here are the first nine:

3/23 Old Road Pine Tree For Lease # 2

3/24 SFV Meet and Greet #2

3/25 Waiting for pizza!


3/27 My High School Hangout

3/28 Tool Time

3/29 Combination of Fears


3/31 Are you a Mac? Or are you a PC?

If you want to keep tabs on my finds each day, be sure to follow me on Twitter (the link is to the right), as I’ll be logging in live with my iPhone.

This particular challenge cache is part of a group of challenge caches in Sacramento, many of which I’ve qualified for and some I’ll probably never complete, like this one:
An Impossible Challenge?

There’s actually an interesting history behind that particular challenge, and you can find those details here:
Creating The Ultimate Challenge.

Another BIG challenge was accepted and completed last week by the Ventura Kids, f0t0m0m, and Cachepal as they now have (again) the most finds in a 24-hour period: 566! I was proud to give my seat to Cachepal for this run, as I was busy with family and unable to make it. There are bigger records to be set though, and I hope to be on subsequent runs. The manic cache runs are now in Nevada, and Steve tells all about their latest adventure on one of the cache pages:
Baker to Primm, Desert Run #1.

Meanwhile, I gotta find another cache…. today….




6 responses

3 04 2010

I’ve gone 100 days without finding a cache. Now that is one hard challenge.

7 04 2010

I can’t believe you Rick Rolled us! I’m disappointed in you!

7 04 2010
Elin Carlson

Finally a comment! I love Rick Astley!! LOL!!!

7 04 2010
Elin Carlson

I esp. love the Muppet version…

13 04 2010

I love Rick, too, but I really did want to read about the Baker to Primm cache run. I just drove by that on Sunday, wishing I wasn’t in the Prius so I could spend my time hitting some caches instead of sitting in traffic.

13 04 2010
Elin Carlson

Well, the hot news is that the wholes series is being archived this week! I was going to head out this weekend to it, too, darn it. I’ll have an update in my blog post on Thursday….

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