Road Trip! Geocaching En Route to Pleasanton

5 03 2010

I’ve been really overdue for a good road trip, and my performances this week in Pleasanton, just east of San Francisco, provided the best excuse to get in the car and go!

First things first: on my journeys north, I always visit the Templin TB Hotel:
The I-5 / Templin Hwy Travel Bug Hotel
to stop and swap. I left four TBs, and picked up one, a cute, springy travel companion!

I had a list prepared, but the first three caches I found were about 10 miles ahead of those, and near where I ended up having to fill my gas tank.
I C I-5 and 119
Taft Highway Travel Bug Hotel
I have GAS pains

The last one was a nice lamppost hide with a lovely view.

A bit further on, I found a set of three just north of Harris Ranch.
2 benchmarks and a cache (Harris Ranch Quadrangle)
Gusty Winds Ahead
Benchmark bonus cache (Harris Ranch Quad map)

Here’s one of the benchmarks mentioned:

Across the road was a field full of birds:

They were really noisy!

The next day, I had time for handful of caches near my hotel, mostly standard urban hides (aka lampposts), and the weather was spectacular!

LECBIH (dnf!)
Bart: Dublin Pleasanton Station
It’s Wafer Thin (somewhat sneaky!)
A "Prudent" Find (another dnf!)
Home Desperate
Nearly Postal #1

The day was capped off after dinner with a particularly rewarding find of a very cleverly camo’d cache hidden in plain sight (sort of) right near a big movie theater in an open-air shopping complex.
Movie Day

I should have time for more great caches up here before I head home.




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6 03 2010

Performing in Pleasanton? Who with?

6 03 2010
Elin Carlson

Beethoven’s Wig!

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