A Glorious Day for Geocaching

25 02 2010

It was a glorious day today, as Southern California is between rain storms: sunny, but cool, and with crystal clear air for beautiful views. I headed out with f0t0m0m this morning to take a hike in the Thousand Oaks area, then do a few caches along the main boulevard.

Starting cache for the hike:
Skelton Canyon Trailhead

Here are some of my photos from the morning. First, the view on the way up the hill:

Here’s one of the thousand oaks:

The wet winter will bring an abundance of wildflowers this year, and here are a few of the early bloomers:

My requisite short video of the panorama:

The bushes crowding the trail were still soaking wet from yesterday’s rain.

As a consequence, we got dripping wet, too!

We had lunch here:

… and I had the luscious bleu cheese burger…. nom nom nom! We spent the next three hours negotiating the streets of the San Fernando Valley to pick up a couple dozen of the newer, easy ones scattered around. The finds were quick and uneventful, except for a couple. At this one:
Parthenia #7

…the AT&T guy was working inside the electrical box. Turns out that this opens up to a whole room full of equipment about 10 feet down!

We also saw an extraordinary house not far from where I live:

Yes, that’s a big dragon in the front yard! Looks like he’s been fed recently….

May your caching lead to curiousities, too!




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