Expecting the Unexpected

11 02 2010

Surprises are one of the best parts of geocaching, and though some are not welcome, most are really pleasant, lovely, or inspiring.

Seeing wildlife in urbans areas of Los Angeles is not uncommon, and I’ve seen a deer or two here and there, but OLdweeb and I encountered no less than six enjoying a relaxed time in someone’s front yard in Monrovia.

Los Angeles is a very photogenic city, and it’s easy to find vantage points for beautiful views of downtown and its surrounding valleys and mountains. A quick climb up a hill in South Pasadena yielded this:

Teddy Bear Bliss

and a short ride on a elevator to the fifth floor of an office building on Wilshire Boulevard led to a cache in the plaza garden, again overlooking downtown:

9-5 With a View

This is the city of the odd and eclectic, from the architecture:

California’s First Governor

to the yard art:

"Bug Out!" aka Ohana Pod #19

Of course, my favorite surprise of any day is finding great food in unlikely places. This one that OLdweeb and I happened upon in the heart of Eagle Rock turned out to have gourmet burgers and vintage wines, and was featured on “Drive-ins, Diners, and Dives” –





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