Geocaching in Outer Space

29 01 2010

Well… at least as close as I could get for now…. I attended an event at the NASA Goldstone deep space research facility at Fort Irwin, just north of Barstow, CA!

2010 – NASA Deep Space Odyssey II

We had to drive through two checkpoints on to the base then on to the Goldstone property.

We first stopped a the museum for an information presentation and a look around:

This model of the Mars Rover was outside in the parking lot:

We then got in our long caravan of cars and drove several miles up to the largest dish:

We saw some herds of local wildlife along the way:

This model is not life-size….

This is!

Most tours don’t get the show we got, but the dish was in maintenance mode that day, so they did a big move for us. Here’s the dish dance in this series of short videos:

2 minute warning, with an unusual twist:

We then got a brief look inside the mission control building with all the blinky lights, push buttons, and gizmos:

They operate on Universal Time:

A last look at the big dish:

Some information:

For more, see the NASA Deep Space Network Home Page.

I’m still floating back to earth…..




3 responses

29 01 2010

Wow… what fun! Thanks for the awesome reporting. I wish I could have joined you.

30 01 2010

Far out. With a dish like that on my roof I would be able to get the local tv stations.

4 02 2010

Fun. Around 30 years ago I was the documentation person for the DSN. Got to fly to Goldstone one day for a look see. It still looks mighty impressive today. Thanks for the report.

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