Starting the Year with a Celebration

21 01 2010

I went out and about in the Ventura area with the Ventura Kids last weekend as they were to find cache #20,000! f0t0m0m went, too, which made the VKs the “slackers” of the group… ha! They are still the fastest cachers in the West. We snagged over 80 that day, even continuing as the first of the week’s string of rain storms started soon after lunch.

The weather started turning just as we found their #19,999:

…. and the tree was dripping water on us as Steve grabbed #20,000:

It was appropriately titled – i’m just nuts

There were quite a few good creative hides, mostly by a newer cacher, Unafraid Leroy. We even got to meet him at one of his caches. I just love the unexpected encounters with cachers. There’s this instant kind of bond already in place, and it’s fun to hear about how others are enjoying the game!

A few caches later we approached this old furnace installed in the side of a building:

Jim made the blind grab, and there it was!

… and it was cache find #21,000 for me!

Sometimes we find the Easy Way to the caches:

Sometimes we find a more challenging path:

Sometimes we are in hot pursuit… or they in hot pursuit of us?

In any case, we always have time to celebrate, even if it’s with a bottle of really old – and tasteless – wine, courtesy OLdweeb. (Yes, the color here is true!)

Next week…. caching in outer space! (sort of)




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23 01 2010
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