Should be Simple, Right?

14 01 2010

OLdweeb and I headed out for a simple hike. He’d done it before and said it was mostly flat, easy trail. Simple, right? Well, except for the several short steep hills up and down, sure… mostly flat…. and except for the half mile of overgrown bushes in the way…. mostly easy. At least we found the cache handily and had the key we needed to access the wonderful pirate treasure inside!

Davey Jones Locker

Here’s a view of the targeted cache area:

It should be simple to approach a cache, find it, and access the log, right? What if it’s disguised as a GIANT COCKROACH????? I live in abject fear of these things…. so OLdweeb got a good chuckle out of my screeching and moaning at even having to touch this plastic replica!


Sometimes caching is simple, and sometimes it’s like trying to see the view from inside the drooping tree branches wherein the cache is stashed.

Arbor Abode




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