California Highway 25: Magical Scenery

11 12 2009

The Wikipedia page does not do this road justice. I’ve driven up and down California dozens of times on the 101, 5, 33, 99, but never had cause to take this winding, rural side road until recently. As part of the Delorme challenge, f0t0m0m and I headed up almost to Santa Nella, over to Hollister, then down this stretch of striped asphalt to check off another 5 pages. We stopped for gas and sandwiches in the mini-burg of Tres Pinos across the street from this cache:

Tray’s Pinos Hotel

then headed south for a few more:

54 Miles
Don’t Blink!
Paicines Reservoir
Road End
Top of the Big Dipper
Oldtime Cowboy Movie
Are we there Yet III?
Stop Staring at Me!
A Green Valley View
Old School
Welcome to Pinnacles
What a View!
Trading Corrosion For Erosion
Key to San Ardo

Empty country roads are among the best places for caching. I hope more are placed along this one – I’d love a reason to come back! Enjoy the journey with me:

The day concluded with a couple of caches near Harmony, just north of Morro Bay:

You Are Here – this was an outstanding camo job
Classic California Coast

I wish you blissful caching.




4 responses

13 12 2009
Katy Rose

This looks like a wonderful drive! My kind of geocaching trip!

11 01 2012
John Mendiola

What kind of services exist on this road? Are there any stores, restaurants or anything else for the entire ride? I noticed there may be an elementary school in Bitterwater (is that a town?) so there must be life out there. Is Lonoak a town? What happens if your car breaks down out there? Is there cell phone reception, and who would come to rescue you? What about going further south to Bitterwater road down to California Valley? Have you ever been there? We want more details! It sounds very exciting, but desolate and dangerous. Let me know when you can. Thanks, John

12 01 2012
Elin Carlson

I cruised through there once, so am no expert. I would not call it desolate or dangerous, just rural. Where we got sandwiches was the only place between there and Harmony, but they aren’t that far apart.

9 09 2012

i had no reception on my phone,it was at night so couldn’t see much,not much room for parking on side if something happens and a lot of curves at some point,narrow…beautiful but need to be careful and some points

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