Finishing up the Fizzy Challenge

20 11 2009

Well Rounded Cacher (The Fizzy Challenge)
My grid for this challenge is now, at long last, complete:

Note: this was generated by, which I only just discovered today. Well, hey! It looks like I didn’t need to do this last cache after all! Ha! I’m sure glad I made this oversight, though, as it was a spectacular day on Refugio Beach, and I otherwise might never have gotten out here! Wow.

So – what I thought was the final cache for me to find was a 1.5 difficulty, 5 terrain, and the only one active near where I live is just west of Santa Barbara.
Two (If) By Sea Kayak

As the title indicates, it’s designed to do with kayaks from a put-in point near the entrance to Refugio State Beach, but it’s accessible on foot at low tide. The day f0t0m0m, BWidget, and I went, the tide was at an extra low, so we had a fabulous wide beach to walk along. The weather was spectacular to boot: cool and sunny. We saw a number of different types of animals: a hawk, a seal, various terns and gulls, mussels, sea anenomes, starfish, and pretty big crab.

Even though I live fairly close to it, I don’t get to the beach very often, so I really savored the 2-mile round trip stroll. There are campsites on this beach, so I just might have to bring my tent out here someday.

Low Tide

The cache is up there:

Got it!

Mussels exposed:

Starfish on the rocks:

Beautiful green seaweed:

A crab shows us his stuff:

Beautiful winter sun angle:

Our bonus caches of the day was
In Your Face!
See if you can figure out where to find the coords, and I’m sure you’ll become a “fan” of this cache, too!




3 responses

20 11 2009
Elin Carlson

Oh dadgummit – I shared my findings with f0t0m0m, who noticed that two caches on the above grid were placed after the cutoff! I did need this cache at Refugio! My 4.5/4.5 is GCWYHQ – The Ghost of Holcomb Valley. Whew!

20 11 2009

Congratulations Elin,

I have been aggressively working on this cache for a long time so I know how difficult it is to complete.

Great Job!

21 11 2009

Way cool… I anticipate reading a good report on here once you find the final cache?? 🙂

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