Trail of Terror? Haunted House Event? Mad Scientists?

31 10 2009

It must be Halloween!!

What a fun week of caching! It started out last Sunday with the 6th annual Trail of Terror at the Anza Narrows Park in Riverside. Yes, this is the sixth time that the “Late Dr. HazzMatt” has hosted the event and placed 30-odd caches along the adjacent bike trail with evil and devilish themes. I know that to most locals, this is a humdrum, paved, flat exercise course along the sandy, mostly dry riverbed, but for me… it’s the creepiest place around! I’ve only ever been along it to find these spooky caches, so all I have in mind as I walk here are the creepy cache pages and gory cache containers! I did this once the week after the event all by myself on a foggy day… now THAT was scary!

I was in good company this year: f0t0m0m, Team Perks, and the Ventura Kids. We were also surrounded by all of the other attendees, ahead, behind, on foot, on bikes, on broomsticks… well… no broomsticks.

Here’s more proof that the VKs DO (on occasion) HIKE:

We discovered where Godzilla has been spending his time lately:
Godzilla Unleashed

This cache was aptly named:
Lunatics in the Riverbed
… and there they are out there looking for the cache!

Here are some of the broomsticks… er… bikes… and biking cachers who ghosted us along the way:

The standard hanging ammo can had a rather macabre swing to it:

f0t0m0m did his standard cache retrieval technique for us:
Sticking your hand down a dark hole

This was one of the more creative new hides this year… ew!

DBRambling generously provided water and oranges for everyone at the midway point!

It was a lovely, if windy, day, for the event:

The residents didn’t seem to notice anything unusual today:

There was plenty to eat and drink at the potluck lunch when we all got off the trail:

Here’s Hazzmatt, mysterious as always….

…. and yes, I did buy a T-shirt!

Whew! We all survived another Trail of Terror! On to the next events… and it was a triple threat yesterday evening:
HDGC Annual Dinner #3 @ The Cajon Pass Summit Inn!
A Very Tevis Haunted House Geo SCAREfest
Welcome to the Mad Scientist Laboratory!

First, the Summit Inn on historic Route 66 for classic truck stop cuisine:
Um… I had a regular steak sandwich.

Then, to the Tevis Clan Haunted House! It was too dark to get any good photos, darn it. The Tevis family puts on an amazing experience, full of axes, body parts, ghouls jumping out at you, chain saws, evil torturers, black lights, thunder and lightning… wow. I had a blast getting the adrenaline pumping there with BWidget and Albackore!

Here are two cool photos I got at the Mad Scientist event. Esquimaux made a good subject for this lighting effect:

and here I am holding a florescent tube that’s lit up without being plugged in, but only from the ambient electricity in the air!

Have a fun and safe Halloween! Hope it’s full of caches and candy!




One response

31 10 2009

Whoa! the light thing is cool! i wanna try.

Elbow deep in a hidey hole… no thankyou!!! 😉

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