Fall Season Geocaching: In- and Outdoors

15 10 2009

It’s raining this week here in Southern California. I have gone caching in the rain, and it can be fun, but it is largely a disincentive to get out in the traffic and mud and wet bushes. Earlier this week I did have a couple of adventures I’ll discuss in a moment, but first I’d like to share a couple of links I stumbled upon while surfing the web (sort of indoor geocaching with no smilies?) yesterday on a site called EZine Articles. This site has thousands of short pieces on every subject imaginable written by experts on their respective subjects.

Most of the articles on geocaching are about the basics or which handheld to pick, but a couple of curious ones stood out:

All I Needed to Know About Web Design I Learned From Geocaching

Treasure Hunting Geocaches in Random Trite Events

The Art of Urban Caching

I’m considering submitting a few articles myself, such as “How to Find Over 400 Caches in a Day” and “A Guide to Geocaching in Southern California” and so on. Do any of you have any suggestions? I know many of my readers are more expert than the EZine contributors – feel free to write something, too! If you don’t feel like you can write it yourself, I’m happy to co-author as well.

I celebrated a big number with GeoCraig this week: his 5000th find. We took a hike up Chumash Trail north of Simi Valley with Gummyfrog, Capdude, Capsbug, and Don J. It was a perfect coolish fall day with fog followed by sunshine.

Watch for Bikes
Long Live Rock
Bush Island
Gonna Rock Forever
Rock & Roll Stew
Lighten Up!
Lucky the Cache Dog
Resistance is Futile This one had an unusual visitor a couple of days later!
The rock will never fall




If you haven’t subscribed to his blog yet, check it out! I do pretty good with my Canon SureShot, but Craig really takes some superlative photos. His latest entry features some of his best from his five thousand finds.

I also found a handful of caches in the Lake Balboa area with Team Perks. Well, I know I found these:
Camden County
B marks the cache

I’m not so sure about this one, though….

Huh? Is there a link there? YES. Click the dot. Have a laugh.
Here’s to the high entertainment value of geocaches AND geocachERs!




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19 10 2009

I really love that last picture!

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