How Many is Too Many Geocaches?

25 09 2009

Well…. I’m not sure…. not yet….

Here I am finding cache #20,000 –
MAtM13 Insane Brody Dredd

This was one of 50 caches I found that day with Team Marzipan:
That’s Albackore, BWidget, and f0t0m0m.

We tied for 3rd place in the days festivities, a puzzle-solving, swash-buckling, pirate-talking romp around Burbank and Hollywood, in pursuit of the answer to the question: “Who murdered the matey?”
Murder Among The Mateys – A Murder Mystery Event

Thanks to the event’s instigator and mastermind, a whole bunch of us had a great day of caching, and I got to celebrate my 20,000th find with friends:

and a special container that I now have at home:

Oh, and I even met up with a real pirate along the way:

So… how many is too many geocaches? I have no idea. I haven’t found enought yet. The caching just gets better with time!




6 responses

26 09 2009

Congratulations on your 20,000th find! We getting close to our 400th and are thrilled to keep on geocaching too. Cache on!

26 09 2009
20 000 finds! « geonarcissa

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28 09 2009

The answer is simple……when there are no more caches.

30 09 2009

Ask Mr. Owl, he knows everything.

2 10 2009

Hi from Germany,

I see you are a hardcore GeoCacher, lol.
you: 50 caches I found that day
me: thats pretty much for one day. I have been on geocaching since 1 Year and approx. 2 Month and I found 70 at all, lol

Have a gerate big dealt time

20 10 2009

I think if I won the lottery and could just head out, my numbers would certainly be up there. Congrats on 20000. I just hit 500 this past weekend and can’t imagine what 20000 would be like.

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