The Entertaining Things I See While Geocaching

6 08 2009

This week, I have a small collection of photos and video of some of the more entertaining and unusual things I’ve encountered this past year while geocaching. It’s all pretty random.

I’d never seen a mer-lion before:

I took a wrong turn in South Pasadena and found Herbie:

Did the Ventura Kids take a wrong turn here?

I like to go 4-wheeling in my Prius:

Check out the articulation on that big rock there!

This is a photo taken by Albackore, and would seem to be early “wireless” telephone:

RobbDogg got really tired on our 100+ caching day in Lancaster and just decided to have a rest:
Area Closed

Something else to do in Lancaster is listen to the musical road. It’s playing the Overture from William Tell – rather badly… but hey… it’s a ROAD.

Until next week, may you find entertaining things, too!




3 responses

6 08 2009

I can’ believe you got to go on the musical highway!!! lol As dumb as it is – it’s on my bucket list!

7 08 2009
Desert Kat & Catdaddy

Ahhh, the lovely music! Betcha can’t drive over it without laughing (as in your video)… or at least smiling. We’ve been over this road so many times we lost count. I feel very lucky to live near it so we can cruise it anytime we want to (which is almost every time we’re within a mile or two of it).

7 08 2009

It looks like Honda made the musical road. There’s a 5-part making of series about it on YouTube.

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