The Travel Bug Who Found Me

30 07 2009

Team Pair-O-Dice, geocachers in Corning, CA, sent me a lucky charm for my keychain via travel bug. It started at this cache:
Mr. & Mrs. Dice at the Tower
and I picked it up in this one:
Mayall who seek, find.

These videos are about that and what I’m doing with it further:

…. and yes, you can see the TB# – go ahead and discover it!

Of course, there is a cameo appearance by my kitten, Marzipan, as I continue:

What a nice idea! Yes, I’m flattered, too… but it’s a creative way to deliver things, if possible. I managed to send a travel bug to my cousin up in Washington a couple of years ago. It took months, but was a fun surprise for him!

Until next week… enjoy your summer, which I hope is filled with travel bugs and great experiences.




4 responses

31 07 2009
Desert Kat

What a great idea! And I’m always happy to see photos of Marzipan… and now a video. You are an angel to have saved that cute little 4-footed angel. Keep the great blog entries coming. Cache on!

4 08 2009

Wow, that was a long time ago, Elin. I just looked up the bug you sent me. According to Wolfram Alpha, 8/12/2003 to 4/3/2005 is 1 year, 7 months, and 22 days! It also traveled over 5,000 miles in that timeframe. 🙂 Thanks again. That was fun!

14 07 2012
Some Retrospective, and a Dark Adventure « Geocaching with EMC of Northridge, CA

[…] Three years ago, I had rescued Marzipan, who makes an ignominious appearance in this blog post. Marzipan is 3 months old in the video here. […]

16 07 2012
Geocaching with Tru2Cntry

Very cool EMC of Northridge!! Team Pair-O-Dice (TPOD) is a good friend of mine and a fellow geocaching buddy, so cool that you got their TB and it fulfilled its destiny!! I love hearing about your adventures, cache on!! Tru2Cntry

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