How to Be a Geosponge

16 07 2009

There is an art to being a geosponge, and it’s not as easy as one might think. There are other permutations of it, but I usually use this term to mean that I’m tagging along with other cachers and have not done any of the research or prep work. Oh, I may have solved a puzzle or two and will have the bookmarked caches loaded in my GPSr as a backup. Mostly I just show up, ride along, sticker/sign log books, and enjoy the day with geofriends.

The art is in how to relinquish control, be a team player, and get in and out of the BACK seat of a car. It can be exhausting!

Prepare what you want to take the night before as you will be rising at the crack of dark:

Get picked up in your town car by another cacher who happens to have one:

Have a healthy breakfast:

Watch the other cachers hunt and take photos:

Find one of the caches early on, so you feel like you’ve actually contributed to the day:

Wonder why people spend so much time at farmer’s markets:

Wonder why people go kayaking or boating:

They could be looking for geocaches in bushes:

… and finding creative containers like this one:

Take a photo of unusual architecture:

Then turn around and take a photo of everyone else looking for the cache:

Watch everyone else look for a cache that you’ve found already. This is especially entertaining when the cache has gone missing and they end up not finding it (oops!):

Have a healthy lunch:

Keep going since the goal is to find well over 100 caches for the day:
#50 = Naughty Root
#100 = Riley’s Treasure Chest
Last one, #112 for me = Puzzle LPC

Celebrate a milestone or two:
My #19000!
f0t0m0m’s #17000!

Interact with your surroundings. Sandy carries special horse cookies with her, in case she sees one along the way that needs a snack:

Don’t interact with some of the surroundings. We saw this bee cluster along one of the country roads, and I took this through the CLOSED car window:

Update Facebook and Twitter and keep up on your e-mail as you ride along between caches.

Enjoy the scenery:

Admire a local artfully-designed establishment:

Be the human retrieval tool, and take a walk up a bike trail to grab one while the others wait in the car, parked illegally, and enjoy more scenery:

Sleep well that night, and be prepared to return the favor and do the planning to lead the next expedition! Or not…. heh…..




4 responses

16 07 2009

love the term!
Congrats on the milestone!

17 07 2009

This is the funniest and most entertaining depiction of the joys of Geocaching Comradery I’ve ever read. The pics are a great treat as well. Congrats on the numerous milestones and thanks for sharing.

20 07 2009

Hi I’m ThudpUCKer and I am a Geosponge.

23 07 2009

Great commentary on a great hobby! Love geocaching! Thanks for the post!

Hi, my Name is Austin, and I AM a Geosponge! Lol!

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