This Week is Brought to You by the Letter V!

9 07 2009

I went caching over the holiday weekend in VISALIA, then met up with a team from Denmark named VELS!

Here’s a list of the best caches we encountered, but no hints or spoilers. Just know if you go, that these are some of the VERY good ones:
Cow Pie Corner
"Rockin’ In The Tree Tops…."
Goosin’ Mama
Zane’s Cache
Chewin’ yer cud at ECP’s 100th hide
its elementary
Local Motel

One of the caches was at this historic building, designed to replicate a VARIETY of Italian architecture ca. 500 B.C.:

I like seeing nature at its most interesting and all these spider webs make a beautiful kind of art VERITE:

This lonely guy was all by himself in his area of minimal VEGETATION:

VOILA! I asked f0t0m0m to demonstrate for you his unique method of log extraction:

OK, I do have to give one away, but this is too good a VARIATION not to share. This is why we geocache – to celebrate!

Team VELS:
When I went to Europe last winter, I made a special VOYAGE into Denmark to find this cache:
Statcache 33 Worldtop10 – 3 EMC of Northridge, CA
placed by Team VELS. They are now over here on a 7-week car tour of the western U.S. Their blog is in Danish, but they have taken some stunning photos, so I encourage you to take a look at their VISUALS!
VELS blog

Hey – I mean GREAT photos! Click on that link! VIEW them!

While they were here, I did the VICE VERSA and hid a cache for them!
Guardian Toad: Jakob & Stina Vels

Here they are enjoying the VICTUALS at the local Outback:

Until next week, I wish you VISCERAL, VORACIOUS caching!



One response

10 07 2009

Lol! love the log removal technique! Cool building!

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