Power Caching with the Ventura Kids!

2 07 2009

Last Sunday, I decided to chronicle my day of power caching with a few short videos taken throughout. Riding along with the Ventura Kids was full of laughs and logbooks, as usual. We ended up with 96 finds. Whew!

I begin my day of caching with the Ventura Kids.

Our first find in Redlands is a light pole.
Honoring IE Cachers Cache Bash V-10

The Ventura Kids discuss their “rules” for geocaching.

I get to see the expert technique for finding a cache in the ivy.

“Hiking” with the Ventura Kids
The Angle

The long walk back across the park…

We meet up with The Devious Max Power and TerraGirl, who join us for the rest of the day. Sandy shows just how FAST the VKs are at finding – truly.

We encounter literod at a cache, but he opts not to try to keep up.

Some nice views from a cache in Highland

We’ve found way more than 10 caches per hour, so Sandy “lets” us have lunch.

Here we are at Rubio’s – this is a photo, not a video, I know. Judging by his smile, I think this is Steve’s favorite part of the day!

We encounter MissAmerica1 and Pacholik at a cache.

At the end of this clip, Sandy finds a cache with a bug on it – check out her reaction!

We search for a cache near a large fountain and pond.

We DNF the fountain cache.

Urban off-roading!

The Inland Empire Cache Bash
IE Cache Bash V

At the last cache of the day, I run out of room on my camera’s memory card!

Until next week, happy power caching and Happy 4th of July!




5 responses

3 07 2009
Mike Pacholik

I found that fountain cache that you guys DNF’ed. Before the Bash it was about 25 feet off down from where everyone was searching. I like the videos.

4 07 2009
Ventura Kid

Great stories. But where is that Fotomom guy who always finds the caches?

10 07 2009

This was great fun to watch, thank you so much for sharing…and confirming The VentureKids DO HIKE!!! LOL! Hello to all..
Be well, be safe and cache happy!!

16 08 2009

“Are there fish in here”?
I think that I will forever attribute this to Elin. I’ve covered enough trail with you to known the value of a single cache. If there were fish in there, it would have made for an exciting video as you cleared the crowd out.


11 05 2014
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