Generic Geocaching in Simi Clarita

25 06 2009

I spent two mornings this week out geocaching, one with f0t0m0m, one with him and Capdude. The first of the days we were in Simi Valley, the second in Santa Clarita. Both days were fun and relaxing, overcast and cool. The finds were mostly standard with a couple of really good camo jobs thrown in. We did not do any hiking per se, but did climb a couple of hills in open space or parks. We had lunch at decent restaurants, but nothing gourmet. We saw lizards, birds, and squirrels, but no unusual wildlife. We were unnoticed by muggles. We were not in a hurry, and our lists had only around a couple dozen for each day. I took a few pictures. We enjoyed the fresh air, the anticipation of each hunt, and the satisfying ritual of the log book. We got outside, and saw something new around every corner.

I’d call it generic geocaching. This does not diminish the experience in any way, however. This is what we really enjoy: just finding geocaches and finding more and more of them.

I know is says “no parking”, but we really only paused here while we found the cache in the corner:
Corner Cache

Olive trees are great places to hide caches, with all the crevasses they have:
Mulligan’s Micro Madness

This cache afforded a really lovely panoramic view from a bridge connecting a big shopping complex with the residential neighborhood to the west:
Paseo Ranch

I’ve found 3 or 4 caches under this little bridge. It’s in a small valley amongst the homes that’s lace with walking paths.
Bridge to the Summit

Capdude hid a new one by the nature preserve in Lake Balboa Park:
Guardian Toad – Ellen

On another day, I did some cache maintenance, replacing damp, moldy log sheets. Some of my readers might see their names here:
Vector Sees Stars!

Until next week, happy plain-wrap caching!




2 responses

26 06 2009

I like your style. You seem to find the fun and beauty no matter where or what you see. Like I told someone once when they complained about finding ONLY a micro on a guard rail…didn’t you see the oldest court house in the state 100′ away??? If only more folks opened up to the possibilities like you do. Thanks for sharing.

26 06 2009
EMC of Northridge, CA

Thanks, Joe! This is what geocaching is all about, I think… 🙂

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