Cache as Cache Can

11 06 2009

I was thinking I would only be able to get out for one or two geocaches this week, but I ended up doing a bunch. I did a short hike in Griffith Park with Eagle Rock Rob and a half day in Simi Valley with f0t0m0m, but I also did grab a couple in between errands, hence the title of this week’s installment.

A new one appeared near Van Nuys airport near an industrial park.
Van Nuys Airport and Taxiway
Along the street there, you can see dozens of antique aircraft. I never knew they were there:

I also had never heard of this Funny Farm:

The cache is around behind where you can see the animals they have.
Funny Farm

The hike in Griffith Park was for a few in a new series, and I look forward to going back for more of them. They are all basic hides along the fire roads and trails, and are like breadcrumbs to show us the loops to take.

January: A walk in the park.
August: A walk in the park.
September: A walk in the park.
October: A walk in the park.
November: A walk in the park.
December: A walk in the park.

Eagle Rock Rob signs a log book:

I enjoy the views and rock formations here:

I find that around 2 dozen caches is just about right for most urban caching days before I start to get fatigued. This number easily goes up or down depending on the density and/or quality of caches in an area, though. Sometimes 10 feels like a lot of work and other times 100 feels like I’ve just gotten started! The half day in Simi Valley involved a list of 24, it took 3 hours, and it felt just right. We ended up with 23 finds and skipped one that was way back on a bike trail. I’ll have to figure out how to access that one another day.

This cache was on the other side of a dry creek:

Several were at entrances to the bike path along the arroyo, where you can see egrets and ducks. They were not being cooperative for my camera that day, but the creek view and the cloudy day were nice combo.
Simi Arroyo bike path #9

We had lunch here, too, and yes, the cache is right there where you think it is:
Bow & Arrow

Here’s a typical local walkway:

This slug was trying to sign the log, too:

We drove by a particularly big, beautiful jacaranda tree:

Until next week, cache as cache can!




One response

15 07 2009
Mitch (Digitalfuzz)

Thanks for mentioning my cache, Van Nuys Airport and Taxiway! Not as unique as my others, but fun place for sure!

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