A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Geocache

21 05 2009

Those of us who have found lots of caches know that this obsessive hobby is about a lot more than signing logbooks. It permeates into and integrates with our lives, sometimes in the most unusual ways.

We’ve all done other things while geocaching, like shopping or errands or phone calls. The wildest thing I’ve done while out caching is refinance my house. Oh yes, and f0t0m0m can attest to this, I was on the phone with my loan officer getting the information all in order while we were driving between caches!

We’ve all found crazy things at or in geocaches, too, from oddball or stupid trade items to money to other geocachers, but what f0t0m0m and I discovered on May 8 was pretty much life-changing. We found an abandoned kitten!

Some *%#&@%!* idiot had left three of them in a shoebox, barely four days old were they, and two had already not survived the ordeal, but one had gotten out and was scrabbling around in the weeds, mewling. I got her some kitten formula from a nearby vet and fed her like clockwork every 2 hours for the next several days, and she’s pulled through! There’s no guarantee with one that young, but she’s a fighter.

Today, she is 17 days old, and just opening her eyes. While at first, I was paranoid that she would not make it and didn’t want to leave the house just in case something went wrong, I feel confident enough now to leave her at home nested in her cat carrier to run errands or find geocaches between feedings.

She’s a little miracle kitty, and I’m excited that I’ve been able to rescue her. Now if we could just educate the world NOT TO ABANDON ANIMALS!! AAAUGH!!!! HELLO?!?!?!?! CRAZY!!!

(calms down)


This is the cache where we found her. It was a nano, so it was TKLNSL (Took Kitten, Left Nothing, Signed Log):
Welcome to Farmersville
Here’s the kitty the day we found her:

And the next day:


I think the name Marzipan will stick. We were finding camo’d pouch style caches in the area, locally referred to as “marsupials”, and f0t0m0m had permuted that randomly to “marzipans”. When we found the kitty, he suggested the name. Hey, turns out that neither of us care for the almond paste, but it’s good cat name. *sigh* I won’t be doing a heck of a lot of caching for the next couple of weeks, but I’ll still get some in (DUH!), and saving this sweet thing’s life is sure worth it. This is the list of caches I got to yesterday with Albackore, between kitten feedings:

Oh! the pressure (Traditional Cache)

602L P.C. (Traditional Cache)

red zone (Traditional Cache)

3-way-stop (Traditional Cache)

Alley Oop! (Traditional Cache)

Val and Dan, A TERRIFIC PAIR! (Traditional Cache)

Schnitzengruben (Traditional Cache)

Bridge the Gap (Traditional Cache)


Undercover Jon (Traditional Cache)

Stop! See Sales Associate (Traditional Cache)

McNificent McG’s McAche (Traditional Cache)

The Gryffindor Floo (Traditional Cache)

dust ruffle (Traditional Cache)

Ernie Keebler (Traditional Cache)

bird’s nest (Traditional Cache)

Until next week, Happy Catting… er… Caching!
OH! What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done while caching? What’s the most significant thing you’ve found? Please comment below….

P.S. Greetings to f0t0m0m, both Jim and Karen, enjoying Geowoodstock in Tennessee this weekend! A big hello to all the cachers out there from me and Marzipan, the world’s sweetest trade item.




9 responses

22 05 2009
Erin M

Well, Marzipan certainly won the Kitty lottery in the end. She could not have found a better ‘mommy’.

25 05 2009

That’s certainly the cutest find I’ve ever seen…

I once found a WWII Japanese hand grenade left over from the battle of Okinawa. I’d take the kitty over that any day.

25 05 2009

Hmmm… not exactly weird but one of the most embarrassing things that happened at a cache was having to have the Border Patrol pull our car out of sand that Alabama Rambler had mired up to the axles at Border Park out side San Diego.

One of the weirdest things we ever found in a cache was an unused, prescription hormone patch, still in the wrapper. I still scratch my head over that one.

28 05 2009

That is the best geocaching story I’ve ever heard! Congrats on the new family member. Soon you’ll have her trained to go caching with you.

29 05 2009

Very cool deal on rescuing. A shame on what happened to the other two. 😦

2 06 2009
Duck Brigade

who could abandon something so adoreable?!

Our kitties LOVE cache swag – we always trade with them in mind… they have us trained so well!

5 06 2009

Congrats with Marzipan! It has been fun watching her on your Facebook.

The best thing I have found was an airline-sized bottle of Jose Cuervo Tequila, unopened…it was a FTF prize.

Sadly, I have found various medications in pills and capsules, what is wrong with people?

Oh…and then the pot seeds…

7 06 2009

Wow – I’m shocked and enraged that people will still abandon animals with so many shelters around to take them in. Thank goodness that you found this little fighter – and keep showing the pictures as he grows up….perhaps a TB in his honor to visit animal shelters around the world?

17 05 2012
An Eventful Week « Geocaching with EMC of Northridge, CA

[…] For those who may not have read about her before, Marzipan is the kitty I found at a geocache when she was only 4 days old! Here’s a link to the story and photos of her at that time: Finding the Kitten, Marzipan […]

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