A Beautiful Day of Geocaching Along Hwy 126

14 05 2009

One of the most gorgeous areas in Southern California is the isolated stretch of highway between Santa Clarita (Magic Mountain) and Ventura. While the savvy locals use it as an alternative thoroughfare, it’s generally uncrowded and always scenic. The valley features rolling hills that remind one of Italy, a wide variety of agriculture to observe, and charming towns replete with their unique histories. Fruit stands, wineries, antiques, and a honey farm along the way are tempting even to the most determined cacher.

I’m always happy to see fresh hides go in up there, and I have another excuse to take a relaxed journey through the countryside, and revisit the towns of Piru, Fillmore, and Santa Paula. This last trip was with f0t0m0m, who did the routing homework for us, and even included a short hike (gasp!) in the itinerary.

Here’s the view from the *cache name*, a deceptive .1 from the car, but up a couple of switchback and a steep animal track through the weeds:

The fig trees were in full bloom:

We found a cache at a place where film productions can rent trained animals:

Do they train the chickens?

The alpacas at this ranch are not trained or for rent, but tolerated my approach for a photo. What oddly cute creatures:

Spring colors were abounding, indeed:


Did you know that Ozzy Osbourne has a par 3 golf course? The cache is in the sign, of course:

The valley is rich in all kinds of resources:

I especially love finding places where the sounds are like natural symphonies. Take a moment and enjoy the chirps of various birds and the gentle squeaking of the oil “bird”.

Until next week, I wish you relaxed and scenic caching!
(Oh, and Jim, don’t worry… next week’s blog will be ALL about the kitten we found abandoned at the cache in Farmersville! She’s doing so well now…. we saved a life!)




One response

16 08 2009

I’m very late on reading the blog, but I wanted to thank you, Elin, for the video. As you know, I work in the industrial world all week, and escape to to the natural world on Saturdays. The sounds of the birds that fill our world, back grounded by the “dinosaur” that brings our oil to the surface, well, I just don’t know what to say. I don’t mean to to toot your horn too hard, Elin, but I’m thinking modern day Michelangelo.

Your video really moved me.

(BTW, suggest a hike and I’ll lead)

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