More Geocaching with my iPhone – nice software update!

9 04 2009

Here is a series of videos I did the other day to show you some new feature in the iPhone Geocaching app – maps and field notes are really marvelous now!

New Mapping in the App:

Driving with the map:

Using the compass:

At a cache, looking around:

Next cache:

Second waypoint, and creating my field note:

Submitting the field note:

Accessing in Safari on my iPhone to complete the logging in:

The field notes are on the profile page, not the cache page:

The field note is posted:

Cache found and logged in, in the wild, all on my iPhone:

Blooming bushes and bees:

Burger time!

Happy techno caching!



6 responses

10 04 2009

This software update is very good, a lot of new features are available with it.

11 04 2009

I ran into 2 iPhone cachers (both newbies at different caches) whose arrows were bouncing & spinning uselessly. Have you found a way to stabilize yours?

11 04 2009

Great videos btw. Has the new technology changed your pre-run route planning process?

11 04 2009
Elin Carlson

The GPS spinning is a function of the GPS software in the iPhone, not the geocaching app, which is really nice! The only drawback now is in the iPhone itself, but I love having it all available in the app. Unless I’m planning a killer run or will be out of cel range, I don’t have to do PQs!

17 04 2009
Duck Brigade

I have tried caching with the iPhone App many times and have rarely been able to get the accuracy within a 1 mile radius! I usually get so frustrated I just give up… any suggestions? I have only found 1 cache with it and that was mostly my Geosense!

17 04 2009
Elin Carlson

1 mile! Eek. I get it down to 56′, which is doable – but I’m also finding it easier to close on the cache with the MAP much more than the compass… try that?

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