Big Numbers in Lancaster

19 03 2009

There are three new sets of caches out in Lancaster, and I could not resist grabbing most of them in a couple of days of easy power caching. Last week, I found the CLUE caches, 54 caches laid out to spell the word and each with a clue to solve the mystery of Who Done It? and to find the final cache nearby. Of course, certain locals added a NO to the area to the west of the CLUE, and I found most of those, as well. Here are one of each series, and from there you can link to the rest, if you like:
Miss White with the Trophy
NO fortune telling

It was windless and cool, a perfect day in the desert. I headed out with f0t0m0m, who’d found most of them before, and just relaxed in the quiet of the isolated area. The wildflowers were just starting to bloom, and I’ll have to be sure to get out there in April for the height of that season. The colors out there in spring are nothing short of spectacular. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the day. My camera’s battery was dead, so I used f0t0m0m’s… but he escaped to China before I remembered to ask him to forward them to me. Some people will do anything to… oh… not really. Just kidding… he and his family really are in China, though. I’ve asked him to post a guest blog when they are back!

A couple of months ago, I did get a bunch of photos west of the Lancaster area while finding over 110 caches in f0t0m0m’s Tarot card series.
Tarot – The World

I made this run on a lovely, breezy, chilly day with RobbDogg, TeamPerks (who hit 5000!), Capdude, and Albackore:


We saw a complete rainbow at sunrise! (pardon the wind in the audio)

Andy of Team Perks got this shot of the sunrise:

I took my Prius for a drive on the Pacific Crest Trail:

RobbDogg exerted himself so much retrieving this cache…. :

…. that he had to lie down and rest:

Scenic caching:

More scenery!

I loved seeing this old street sign, and the atmosphere made it look even more spooky:

Thanks to the hiders for placing gobs of caches out in Lancaster… again…. what a great place to have right around the corner for desert adventures!
Wishing you much scenic caching this spring!




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