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12 03 2009

This week I get to tell you about an unusual and bold achievement by two other local cachers, UncleJon91 (aka Uncle Jon) and not tom (aka Jerry). The two of them found 7, count ’em, SEVEN different types of caches in one day, March 8, 2009, all in downtown Los Angeles!

Glendale Narrows by TerryDad2 (GC1772F)

Books and a Cup o’ Joe by marsfun (GCN1C1)

Hi 5, Lo 5 for Mozart by rammd (GCZ1ZR)

The City of the Angels by Saros (GC3975)

Awed Couples by Eagle Rock Rob (GCMX8A)

Letterbox Hybrid:
Cat and Dog by OLdweeb (GC1EBM7)

and a bunch of Traditionals, including this one:
Engine Company No 28–Filling in the Gaps by GeoCraig (GC1JWQG)

Here they are at the puzzle cache location:

Way to go, guys!

Here’s Jerry’s first-hand report:

Hi Elin,

I’m not a writer but I’ll give it a shot about UNCLE JON and my day of caching. We just run a query and go and sometimes it may make a milestone but today turned out real different.

We started out in San Dimas grabbing a new (1)Traditional cache GC1NDZ7. We then worked our way around about until we get to down town LA. We grabbed a (2)Virtual GCBFEC. 2 caches later we are grabbing a (3)Letterbox GC1EBM7. The next cache is a (4)Puzzle GCMX8A. After we talked to you about Walt Disney cache we DNF, we done the (5)Earthcache GC1772F. We called Rammd for him to give us some coords for a Multi, we don’t normally load Multi’s. We completed Rammd’s (6)Multi GCZ1ZR. Now we are off to do the WebCam at Pasadena Central Library. We know it is going to be locked but it is worth a shot. We think we are going to get 6 types of caches in one day. We get to the Library and call Rammd to be cam operator. He can’t see my GPSr nor my waving hand. He told me to climb over the fence and I said that is not a good idea. Meanwhile Jon is in the library. I go in to find Jon and he has good news, security will be in about 5 minutes to let us in to do the cam thing. Wow, it really did work. We posted our picture for (7)WebCam GCN1C1.

I’m at home posting all of this logging and that is when I realized we done 7 types of caches in one day. I had to go back and edit some logs for correction. We didn’t do a large number of caches but Jon and I are pleased with something special like this. I do read your blog page time to time. It is like going with Hewel Houser sometimes. LOL.


Jerry (not tom)

The two of them are also each known for their prolific and truly superior, well-crafted hides. I go out of my way to visit their territory to find those!

I also want to give kudos to Terra Girl for her recent puzzle hides. They are uniquely creative, and the containers all delightfully match the themes! Check ’em out, as they are worth the entertaining solutions, even if you never come find ’em!

Beware the Eyes
Terra Incognita
Greetings from Earth
The Butterfly Effect

Thanks for inspiring us all to hide better and have even more fun finding!

Say… have any of you set any crazy records or have unique caches in your area to tell us about? Please put them in the comments!




2 responses

12 03 2009

If you’re tired of Altoids & nanos, I highly recommend Terra Girl, Uncle Jon and not_tom caches. (which I think is from Irwindale to LaVerne – though I may be off slightly)

A few months ago I offered 3 cachers with strong opinions to write a “guest rant” on my blog but none of has done it yet.

14 03 2009
Ventura Kid

UncleJon91 (aka Uncle Jon) and not tom (aka Jerry) are great cachers. I love to cache in their area.
Nice accomplishment guys!

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