Cache Maintenance – A Journal

26 02 2009

Wednesday evening, 7pm
I’m procrastinating. I’ve been procrastinating this for, oh, weeks now, really. I have three caches that need reconstructing and two that need to have the logs replaced.. oh and one more I need to hike out to check on to see if it’s still there. It’s probably not, but my sense of honor and my habit of being conscientious demand that I still go look. OK, so tomorrow, I will finally get to these things, starting with making the new cache containers for the three missing ones.

Oh, yeah, I have to do my taxes, too. I should have started them last week as well… but that’s another subject.

Thursday morning, 8am
I’m awake. I’m thinking about doing cache maintenance. I should probably actually do it today. I need to ask Albackore what he used to stick dirt and rocks to an Altoids tin for an evil camo, as I want to do the same. Then I need to get 2 decons prepped with camo tape, and reprint the puzzle clues that belong in there for my “Mouse” cache.

The Mouse


I got the information on the glue: Gorilla Glue. I’ll have to make a stop today to get some. I did a workout and studied some Japanese – next, it’s time to shower/dress/eat – then… maybe actually touch a cache container? Or… will I still procrastinate?

I got the 2 decons loaded with the log books, requisite clues, token trade items, and camo taped:



Now to get out there and do Actual Owner Maintenance!

Amazing. I did do cache maintenance! I replaced two log books:
Behind the Red Barn
It’s behind a real feed store.

Time Warp
This is my favorite Los Angeles anomaly: an old unused barn in the middle of the high-priced suburbs.

After getting the Gorilla Glue and vinyl gloves at OSH, I drove up to the scenic Palisades area on the north end of the San Fernando Vally, and replaced the two caches that got burnt up in recent brush fires, Amberson and Orson (linked above). Here’s a photo of the trail head, showing the burnt stuff and the new growth.

After all this hard work, it was time for cachER maintenance! I met up with a few of my usual suspects at BJs Bar and Grill in Canoga Park for drinks and appetizers.

RobbDogg and his Piranha beer:

Spoondoggie, with basketball background:

BWidget has a beer, too:

OLdweeb opts for iced tea:

Yours truly, with her Tanqueray 10 martini up with extra olives:


Capdude and Capsbug joined us, too. Cheers!

Got all my finds from yesterday logged in, and got this blog ready to publish!

Well, I still have to do my taxes, but maybe I’ll get to that tomorrow, along with the camo job on the third cache that needs the super duper glue stuff I got today. Or… maybe I’ll procrastinate and mess around on Facebook.

Until next week, cache on!

OH – and here’s the link to the newest Amberson cache:




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