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26 12 2008

I hiked out Malibu Creek this month to where they shot the MASH TV series. There are only a couple of rusted vehicles left, but you get a sense of deja vú there.

On the Ground near a Big Fat Log
On The Way to the Visitor Center
On the way to the Swamp ..or.. Halfway to M*A*S*H
Split Rock Mesa
MASH Cache
Of Bulldogs and Englishmen
Malibu Creek State Park
Malibu Creek Water Gap
Rocks of Malibu Creek SP – Conejo Volcanics

The weather was ideal for the hike, and so were my companions: Spoondoggie, his dad, and his dad’s girlfriend. His dad is new to geocaching, but his son and I got him addicted on this hike, and they’ve been out finding more. Heh.

The trail is a little rocky in places, but it’s not a hard or long hike. I’d been out here about 15 years ago, and recalled it being really difficult, so all this hiking I’ve been doing must be making a difference!

Here are a few photos and a video:




Don’t these hills look familiar??

Soooo…. on December 29, I resume my Twitter novel with Chapter 4! I believe it is the first quasi-interactive multi-media novel on Twitter.
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Cache on!




4 responses

27 12 2008

What a fun place to go! I will have to add it to my out of state caches that I would like to visit someday. Thanks for sharing it with us.

I would have to concur with your video that the helicopters came over that hill. I was searching for old reruns to see if I could confirm… no such luck.

-= BillnPegz=-

29 12 2008

Nice to see that you recovered so quickly from your trip… Very cool to see the MASH site. Loved that show and still will get mesmorized any time I see it on.


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29 12 2008

I would have been going nuts with photographs at that Mash site. Though not a huge fan of the show, that would have been wild to check out.

4 01 2009

My college roommate was from Calabasas, and once while visiting him, he took a group of us up to the MASH set. It wasn’t too long after the show ended, but the place was as deserted then as it looks now. Thanks for sharing your pictures – fun seeing that again.

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