Geocaching with my iPhone

11 12 2008

I went and found two caches using only the iPhone apps. My report is given entirely in these short videos!













Until next week… happy geeky techy iPhony caching!




15 responses

11 12 2008

Very excellent presentation videos on the usage of the iPhone for Geocaching. Thanks for taking the time to show some of who are ‘on the fence’ about getting the iPhone.


11 12 2008

First – did you really say “dadgummit?” πŸ˜€

Second, I have these snowflakes for my blog too (I used them last year). They are very cool! πŸ˜‰

Third — Cool series of videos. Interesting to watch, even though I’ll likely never have the iPhone. Cool work!

11 12 2008
Elin Carlson

Yes. I really said “dadgummit.” πŸ˜‰

11 12 2008
ventura kid

I liked your videos….but…. I’ve been caching with you. I’ve never seen you use a phone in that manner before. Is it possible to call a lifeline while heading in the direction of the cache?

11 12 2008

Nicely done! I have the app on my iPodTouch, but unlike the iPhone, I can really only use it when I’m within range of a free wifi hotspot. Not too many of those out on the trails, dadgummit. Still fun to use, but not as practical as my Garmin 60csx & Treo Smartphone with CacheMate combo. Someday however, when wifi is everywhere…

11 12 2008

Very impressive! How’s the battery life in full caching mode?

11 12 2008
Elin Carlson

I haven’t done a real battery test, but it’s like any cel phone – ca. 8 hours

11 12 2008

Did you think either application had a better direction needle or did you find it very choppy? I have other GPS apps on my phone and none of them seem to update quick enough.

11 12 2008
Elin Carlson

Both needles were a bit squirrelly, and I prefer my Garmin, but they certainly do in a pinch!

12 12 2008
Brian O'Connell

Elin, you are such a geek.

I love it!

12 12 2008

Wonderful videos, Elin. My non-geocaching friends got a peek at what it’s all about. I couldn’t stop thinking about what other people thought when they looked at you not only following an iPhone around, but filming yourself doing it!

Take care, and Merry Christmas.
~Cousin Ian

P.S. Isn’t it funny how ‘dadgummit’ didn’t sound odd to me at all? I’ve heard it my whole life! πŸ™‚

12 12 2008

Ahhhhhh…you are using snow. I’ll be back after winter. Snow effects annoy me. 😦

12 12 2008

Nice video series. Twitter meets youtube, dadgummit!

12 12 2008
Mike Pacholik

Great Video Set. What type of camera are you using for your videos.

12 12 2008
Elin Carlson

I’m actually using my Canon Powershot pointnshotdummy digital camera!

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