A Simple Hike, an Historic Nike

4 12 2008

I took a 6-mile RT hike recently along a fire road south of one of the local Nike bases. The Nike project, developed during WWII and the Cold War, was intended to be a first line of defense against air strikes. The base is now a monument and historical site.

Wikipedia has more info.

I come up here every so often, as there are several hikes I can take and I can see the entire San Fernando Valley from up there. Being able to see so much of such a large city give me a sense of ownership somehow: it’s all mine to enjoy!

The hike I took affords sweeping vistas of the surrounding canyons and hills, and the fire road has minimal elevation gains/losses, so the hike is long, but easy. I found these caches along the way:

Ryan’s Cache
Ground Hogs Day
What’s in a name?
Room to Grow

Some of the view:

A nice place to live, if you can:

The signs herald the entrance to the Santa Monica Mountains Wilderness Area… sort of:

I experimented with my camera focus to get this shot of the sun in the clouds:

When I pointed the camera a little differently, it shows this instead:

The Nike Base:

Here’s another sun shot:

Now if I can just figure out how to get a good one of the moon….

By the way, there are two podcasts well worth listening to. Sonny and Sandy, with almost 200 shows produced, are still fresh and entertaining: Podcacher
The other one is more of a real call-in show: Geocaching Podcast Catch them in action on Tuesday nights. Spread the word about these significant contributors to the geocaching community!

Until next week!




7 responses

4 12 2008

I think I burned my eyes looking at your pictures of the sun. Now all I can see is a large spot in front of my eyes. 😉

We have one of those Nike bases just west of us. No mountains though.

Nice photos.

5 12 2008

Great report, Elin!

I have been to the Nike site just north of San Francisco. They give tours. Always fun to explore the many bunkers in the area. Of course, the views…

Thanks again!

5 12 2008
Erin M

BTW, that would be the center-weighted automatic exposure control on your camera that is making the difference. Even with some point-and-shoot types, you can depress the shutter half-way and maintain the desired center exposure, then move to the framing you want. Try playing with that. (Unless you are using your phone…then I have no idea if you can do that!)

9 12 2008

Nice post! We’ve got a few of those Nike missile sites up here in the Bay Area. Check out the cache page for GC100E, complete with a brief description and photos.

P.S. Love the snowflakes

9 12 2008
Elin Carlson

I like the snow, too… fun addon on wordpress!

10 12 2008

Very cool photos and sounds like it was one heck of a time. Looks like I place I’d love to visit for photography reasons!

15 12 2008

Here’s a page with links to tips on shooting the Moon.

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