The End of an Era and Some Creative Inspiration

20 11 2008

The Ventura Kids had to trade in their infamous purple jeep! I’ve chased that purple jeep and its giddy owners for miles and miles over city streets and dirts roads. Here it is with my Prius, aka The Battery Car:

A moment of silence – hats off – breathe deeply – it’s a white Nissan Xterra now.

Don’t believe me? Here they are with it!
Maybe I won’t have to pedal so fast to keep up with this one…. HA!

At long last, a geocaching SONG:

The song is “Won’t Stop Looking – a caching song by G. O. Cash.” and it’s written and performed by Sonny of the PodCacher.

In other news: I’ve finished the first draft of my book on geocaching. Tentatively titled “A Passion for Cachin'”, it’s about my life through the lens of geocaching. Wow. I feel like I’ve really accomplished something, and that 17,000 finds actually has meaning beyond the logbooks and trade items. I was able to get it all out of my head: the experiences and the reasons this hobby/sport/obsession can be so compelling. I have chapters on geocaching as adventure, entertainment, education, annoyance, friendship, and therapy, among others. Look for it this spring! I’ll be on hand at Geowoodstock to sign copies…

What’s next? How about a geocaching novel, presented on Twitter! That’s lots and lots of installments at 140 characters each, but the form intrigues me. It should read more like a play or serialized graphic novel, and I’ll have a catchup site available to Twitter subscribers. I’m planning to launch the first installments on December 1!




8 responses

20 11 2008
Shirley O'Connell

I can’t think of a better author for a book on geocaching. Hope there will be a copy left for me! I’m looking forward to your book and a picture of me with it’s author!!!

24 11 2008

Are you self-publishing this book?

24 11 2008
Richard N6UZS

Please let us know if and when you do a book tour. I was serious the other day when I said you should go on the lecture circuit to various GC groups. Or maybe something at GW7?

Fantastic site by the way. This is the side of you we never get to see because you are always racing around and don’t have time to talk.

24 11 2008
Elin Carlson

I’m not sure yet, but probably…. might be a combination thing… recommendations?

24 11 2008
Elin Carlson

I am planning on having copies to do a book signing at GW7, and possibly at random events around the country after that….

28 11 2008
Ventura Kids

A book about geocaching?
What a great idea !
We can’t wait to read it.

11 12 2008

What!? How can VKs get rid of their jeep! That vehicle has driven RIGHT UP TO caches that people never knew you could drive up to. 😉

11 12 2008
Elin Carlson

I know…. the dang thing wore out… the nerve of the car….

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