A Feast for the Senses

13 11 2008

Sensuality in its purest forms has little to do with what we often term “carnal”. Life is experienced through our physical beings, and I recently had an afternoon in which all of my senses and faculties were treated to wonderful experiences.

It started with a workshop for a jazz festival that I did with my a cappella group, Sixth Wave. When I sing, my entire body is a musical instrument, vibrating with and amplifying my voice. When I sing with these five other gifted people, we vibrate with each other, not just viscerally, but musically and emotionally as well. It’s sensual in a variety of wonderful ways.

The festival was in San Luis Obispo, aka SLO Town, and the place lends itself to a leisurely drive. I stopped for 3 caches at the Madonna Inn, an overdecorated, gaudy, pink landmark (sensuality for the eyes). One of the questions for the earthcache there was about the nature of the serpentinite rocks at the edge of the parking lot. They are curvy and veined, layered with turquoises and golds (more for the eyes), and I picked one up to feel its dense weight and smooth texture (sensuality for the hands).

At a cache at the other end of the parking lot, I walked across some spongy grass (sensuality for the feet) to take this photo.


Closeup of a flower there:

Yuppie Sensibilities – fun, tricky placement
Serpentinite at Madonna Inn – geology lesson in a parking lot – love that!
Lion House Cache & TB Rest Stop – got the hint only after circling the bushes a few times… duuhh…

I then cruised to Pismo Beach and found
Oilport, CA aka Sunset Palisades
which affords a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean. As usual, I was transfixed by the sight and sounds of the waves, the broadness of the horizon, the complexity of the clouds, and the fresh breeze (sensuality for the eyes, ears, and nose)

As I drove to the next cache Grandpa’s Treat, I saw this place:


I was hungry, and this was way too tempting, especially on a day dedicated to the senses. The decadence of these cinnamon rolls is supreme. I timed it just right to get a fresh, hot one, both crunchy and chewy with just the right touch of the signature spice, and drenched with a luscious, gooey cream cheese frosting. I cut the sweetness with the bitterness of a fresh cup of coffee (sensuality for the mouth). As I indulged in this, I picked up the book I’m currently in the middle of, and it happened to be the turning point chapter in which the heroine, upon seeing the elegant estate of and hearing new and delightful information on the man she’s destined to love, finds her previous prejudices dissolving and her heart’s disposition turning to that love, enhanced by a breathless chance meeting with him. Written by one of the best writers of the English language, it’s sensuality for the mind.

I continued south, listening to the scores of MIB and Kama Sutra, as part of my renewed study of musical composition (sensuality for the ears). The former is by Danny Elfman, who is a master of color, texture, and rhythm (sensuality for the right half of the brain). The latter is from a movie more about deep, true love than it is about the book it’s titled after, and the music is Indian, exotic and rich in emotion (sensuality for the heart).

My next stop was at a cache that I did NOT find, but got to see some curious things for sale and a gorgeous sunset (sensuality for the eyes), and was greeted by a friendly kitty, which I petted (sensuality for the fingers).



Finally, I pulled over at a vista point in Gaviota, overlooking the surf and where, on a cloudless night, the stars are all on high beam. The balmy Southern California breeze I was anticipating was instead a gusty, chilly storm wind that threw me off-balance, and the moon itself barely cut through the overcastness, so I ducked back inside my car and read another chapter of my book. I was surrounded by the darkness, a bit of freeway noise, and the constant singing of crickets as the wind rocked my Prius (sensuality for the car?)

Perhaps because I’ve once again efficiently defeated a sinus infection (all hail, antibiotics!) that I felt so invigorated and inspired, yet it’s on days like these, full of moments like these, that I just celebrate being alive, and for a variety of reasons, I feel more vibrant and alive than I’ve felt in a long, long time – perhaps ever (sensuality for the soul).

I encourage you to find these moments….
Notice them….
Cherish them….




4 responses

14 11 2008

WOW! Thanks again, Elin, for your outstanding trip report. I could almost smell those hot, crunchy, gooey, yummy cinnamon rolls…almost!
I remember going to the Madonna Inn when I was a small child…my father was particularly amused by the “men’s room”.

Thanks again!

14 11 2008

Geocaching waxing philosophic! Very nice. Thanks for the post!

15 11 2008
Peg Mitchell

This is my first read after being urged to subscribe by my geo-buddy WindyMatters. Elin – we met once at the Devil’s Punchbowl non-CITO event due to the snow. Terrific writing, and threading of feeling, photo and caching – how cool. I look forward to the next one.

16 11 2008

Holy cow… caching is deep. Who knew? 🙂

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