Thousands of Caches, Photos, and Memorable Experiences

6 11 2008

So many caches are just there to get me there, wherever there is.

In-N-Out Headquarters

Can I get a degree in burgers? They make the best ones, for sure!

Perhaps they should feed the little guys more!

A really large recycling project: dining cars!

There’s nothing like being able to pull off the freeway for a little fishing:

Go to church or go bowling? If you can’t decide, just do both at the same time here!

Michael Jackson’s Mailbox…. not much of a “thriller”….

Caching with my posse out in the Tujunga Wash –

Tozainamboku, DonJ, and RobbDogg, part of a Simi Valley hunting party:

BWidger enjoys that view from a different angle:

Finding 100 caches in two trips up to the Solvang area, f0t0m0m and I enjoyed views like this:

Snake Bones! How cool is that?

Towsley Canyon is still one of my favorite hikes:

This is a new oil seep out there:

Cache find #17,000 = Tell-Tale Heart
It’s not exactly a spoiler, but this very clever cache hide IS in the photo.

Whatcha waitin’ for? The caches and photo ops are out there waitin’ for YOU!




8 responses

6 11 2008

I can’t imagine getting that many in a day. Gotta go nuts for that, eh?

6 11 2008

yes you can get a degree in hamburgers, mrsfresgo and I both graduated from INOU me in the 4thman class in 1987 and mrsfresgo in 1990. She worked or them for 16years and me for 9. Double Double with whole grilled onions for me!!

7 11 2008

I hope that you’re not contemplating retirement at 20K finds and that this isn’t a flashback on your caching career.

7 11 2008
Elin Carlson

I’m gunning for 100K! …. or they’ll have to pry my GPSr out of my cold, dead hand…

7 11 2008

Hey Cousin, I can’t believe how big that mailbox is! Is that a typical “rich person” mailbox size? It’s taller than he is! TTFN

7 11 2008

Great caching. Great scenery. Great friends. Great photos.

Good times!

9 11 2008
Just John

In N Out…mmmmmmmm. Next time you stop by there, can you ask them to open one in Okinawa? I need my fix!

11 11 2008

In-n-Out – best burger on the planet, bar none. I guess I need to go out there sometime and also get back to Tell Tale Heart again.

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