9 10 2008

Last week, I was asked to participate with the folks at Geoteaming as one of their geocaching pros. I’ll take any excuse to hang out in Laguna Beach for a day, especially if I can get a little cash on the side from it AND do some geocaching. I joined Got4x4, DopeyDuck, MissAmerica1, and jshults at the gorgeous Montage Resort, and we helped the teams of corporate executives from Land o’ Lakes in Minnesota learn teamwork and strategy by finding caches and meeting various types of challenges. There was a croquet station, a golf station, a kite-building challenge, a frisbee toss, and complex puzzle involving balancing nails along with more traditional caches to find. We made sure they knew how to operate the GPS units and the PDAs, and mostly just looked on with great amusement at all the fun they were all having.

The weather and the views were unsurpassed.

We all only had time for a couple of caches afterwards, and my favorite was across the street from the resort.

Is this Art or a Musical Instrument ???

The sculpture was a series of tall colorful hoops and partial hoops with wind chimes dangling from them. It’s quite unusual.

For more information on geoteaming, go to their website – GeoTeaming




2 responses

9 10 2008

I saw on geocachingonline that you were interested in the HooHaa Challenge. You just need to wander over our way, find that topic and post a response on there saying you want in and I’m sure we could accommodate (that and be willing to talk some trash with all of us!)

13 10 2008

Wow; what a neat place to go caching!

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