The Glory of Geocaching in Glorious Scenery

2 10 2008

According to Clay Jenkinson, we as geocachers are part of what makes humanity strange and fascinating, and are to be admired as such. Check out his recent column in the Bismarck Tribune where I and all of you receive this honorable mention:
The Article

We’re right in there with the miracle of heart transplants, great music, and the world’s largest collection of Elvis decanters. LOL. But he’s right: our species really IS remarkable.

Yes, yes, I know I’m #3 and not #2, as he wrote, but someday I probably will be, so it’s close enough. I have a plan for that, you know. I’m going to outlive everyone. Seriously! I have a goal to be a healthy 103. Ha HA! That oughta do it…

Meanwhile, here’s what I’ve been doing just to try to stay ahead of the fast-approaching Team Snook, who have been rising through the stats at break-neck speed.

I grabbed 50 caches with f0t0m0m and Spoondoggie all around the Solvang area amongst the myriad wineries. We drove for miles through the vineyards and agriculture.

The best caches of the day were a nicely crafted fake pine cone, a bolt in a guard rail, a sneaky magnetic in a tree, and one in a part of a guard rail that we had to rotate to access.

The best FIND of the day, though was this guy!

f0t0m0m saw this sign elsewhere, but they needed one here, as I almost drove over the beauty!

I spent the last few days up in the Eastern Sierras, as I had a performance in Bishop with Beethoven’s Wig. I was surprised to find a large group of petroglyphs at this cache:


I was also surprised to get the FTF at this cache:


I hope more people get out there, as it’s idyllically lovely.

This is the view from
Owens Bridge Cache

and I found this awesome chalk cliff as I was driving to

The Fisherman’s Cache

Get out and find more caches, all you strange and fascinating examples of humanity! Let me know what marvelous things you discover!




4 responses

3 10 2008
Geocaching Online

Erin, WOW! A tarantula?! Sheesh!, we do the happy dance when we come across a little Fire Snake and bear poop! And then you top it off with alien rock writing… This would be so cool! Thanks for sharing!

23 10 2008
WetPaws (Patti)

I think I’ve found some of yours when in Newport beach on our Timeshare weeks. Love them and really admire your caching blog! LOL I wish I knew how to e-mail pictures 😉
I was trying to see what you thought of my Cat’s Meow cache, but never found your blog.
It was one of my first, way back when (2001?) and hope you liked the Sacramento area and the bike trail!
Happy Caching,
Patti AKA WetPaws

5 11 2008

your finds here are amazing! its worth more than the cache itself. i envy you!

28 03 2009

We geocache too! Great photos!

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