Geocaching in Oxnard: Beating the Late Summer Heat

18 09 2008

I took two trips to Oxnard over the weekend where the temperatures are, oh, about 20 degrees cooler than in the San Fernando Valley. It’s my favorite late-summer escape.

The main attraction on the first day was a big event hosted by a big group of my long-time caching friends, the Conejo Cachers. As usual, it was great to see so many folks at once, catch up with those I haven’t seen in a while, and connect with newer cachers.

Gidget Goes Geocaching – Again!

Some Conejo Cachers:

CampyC and TRUROKR:


The infamous, the one-and-only… er… ok… two-and-only Ventura Kids:

Two short videos of the area and activities:

I grabbed a few caches that day on the way back from the event:
Daytime only – One of my favorite ways to grab a light pole cache is to drive right up and reach out the car window for it! This was one of those… hee hee… and Aerospacecase even drove up and caught me in the act!
A Good Ivy hide – Yep, easy find of some fake ivy in the wall of ivy.
Another Hole in the Wall – Guess where this one was!
Sloth – This was on a sign for a slough. The VKs are easily confused.
Hueneme Border – Love those pole caps, too.
Get Garmin or Get Lost (a VK remnant) – This is near the sign for Magellan St.!
Reflect – You can guess what this container was, as well.
Veggies grow here. – This Max Gold hide was the only really evil one of the day. It took a few minutes to spot the bison tube in the trees… yowza!

The next day, I came back for a long walk on Ormond Beach to get the half-dozen caches that were placed out there over two years ago!

Ormond Beach Cache #1
Ormond Beach Cache #2 II
Ormond Beach Cache #3
Ormond Beach Cache #4
Ormond Beach Cache #5
Ormond Beach Cache #6

Fuzzy caterpillar on the trail:

I don’t know how long this teddy bear has been sitting here, but it’s pretty creepy:

Of course, I got some video of the waves!

I also grabbed a few quick ones on the way. The first three are hides by the Ventura Kids. They are all easy to find, just like they like them. Note how the titles help make them easy. Forget about their 7 Minute Rule – if you can’t find a VK hide in 7 seconds… it’s MIA.

Tiny guardrail – Yes, on a small guardrail.
The Farmer Cache – Yes, on a sign depicting a guy on a tractor. There are a series of these around Willows. The VKs never claim to be original.
The Big Blue Post – Yes, on a big blue post.
Third Time’s the Charm (a VK remnant) – OK, another light pole, but I had to get out and walk to this one. Darn.

Until next week, cache on!




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