Scenic Fresno? Scenic Yosemite!

11 09 2008

I spent Labor Day weekend with my sister and her family in Madera, near Fresno, and did two days of caching around the latter with her, f0t0m0m, and various local cachers.

I got off the 99 and took more of a back road up through Corcoran, “the farming capital of California”:

… and through Hanford, where one of the area’s more inventive cachers, redwoodcanoe, is based. I only had time for a couple of his hides, but one certainly did not disappoint:

Final Attempt ?

The container was not just creative, it was hilarious: a can of muggle spray with some wild directions on how to use it!

At a nearby pioneer cemetery, I was struck by one headstone in particular. It gave the age of the person beneath as 12 hours. Wow. We are so blessed now to live with all of the medical breakthroughs we have.

Pioneer Spirits

I was also impressed by a couple of newer hiders, tom&si. These guys hid one of the most effective rock-like micros here:

Home Repairs

I found 104 over the next two days with A) f0t0m0m/Angelbaby7/Jake4729 and B) f0t0m0m/Twins R Us/Trekky. Pretty much all of the outstanding caches were by Team Forward Motion, and outstanding is even an understatement when it comes to their hides. Their efforts have revitalized the whole Dry Creek Cachers community!

I’ll give the hides, but not the titles, as not to spoil the fun for future finders. We found:
– a magnetic in a palm tree – ha!
– a lovely fake snail on a brick wall
– a fake “employees only” sign on a back door at a mall
– a tupperware under a large red pole cover
– a micro cleverly concealed behind a faded no trespassing sign posted on an old fence
– a nano in a small hole under a washer
– a spiffy version of the reflector hide
– a fake stump of a branch of a trimmed-off oleander

This last one was hands down the best of the trip!

I got some photos/videos of scenic Fresno. Scenic Fresno? Why, yes, there is a park with one of my favorite views:

Polk Vista EZ

Here’s f0t0m0m and my sister near the cache. Guess where it is! Youbetchalightpoleloveit.

Nearby is a small airport where the houses have garages big enough for small airplanes.

Sierra Sky Park Micro

On Monday, I got in to the REAL scenery with my sister, finding 5 of the easy virtuals in Yosemite.

These guys walked right by us!

Bridal Veil Falls is fascinating to watch as the wind catches the water.

Most of the falls were dry, so I’ll have to get back up in the spring to see some real water action!




One response

14 09 2008
Bruce - Team Forward Motion

Hey EMC,

Thanks for the nice words regarding my caches; I’m glad you had the chance to enjoy a handful.

You have impressive stats, it will be quite some time before I hit your numbers, but I’ll have a blast working on it.
Good Caching!

Bruce ~ Team Forward Motion

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