The Big Bear Cache Bash

28 08 2008

Earlier this month, a whole bunch of geocachers made the now-annual pilgrimage to Big Bear, in the San Bernardino Mountains just north of San Bernardino, for no less than SEVEN events, 4-wheeling jeep parties, and various hikes and urbans in the area. I scooted up on Friday afternoon and stayed through Sunday evening, bagging all of the events and over 100 finds all together.

On the way up, I had time for 14 caches along the windy road up the hill. Most were guardrails at turnouts with an increasingly broad view of the valley below. My favorite was actually a short hike out on the road between Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead. I walked down a fire road to an overlook of an adjacent valley, and soaked in the solitude and scenery:

Wood Chip View Hill

The first two events were held that evening, one “normal” pizza event, one wacky flash mob at the nearby Motel 6 where many geocachers (not me!) were staying:

Pizza In Da Woods With Da Big Bears
"We’ll Leave The Lights On…Friday Flash Event 2"

The following morning, I hopped into BWidget’s jeep and we heading out to a trailhead for some 4-wheeling fun:

– BUT – there in the lot, he discovered that one of his shocks had become unattached! Alas, there were no seats in the other jeeps, so we had to abandon that plan and go with Plan B. We spent the day finding a couple dozen around the lake instead.

Here I am at the lake:

Somewhere in Fawnskin, we encountered the most tacky fountain I’ve ever seen!

Now I love fountains, and it’s really hard to make one that’s just not pretty. Wow.

That afternoon was the centerpiece of the weekend, the Big Bear Cache Bash.

I finally got to hand off the So Cal Geocachers trophy to none other than the Wheeler Dealers!

(photo courtesy Badgerdawg)

The trophy was created by FishPOET a few years ago, is a travel bug, and is passed around to the local geocachers who have been the most inspiring. Here we are with a few previous recipients: shirconn, garagedude, Mighty Dee.

We had a potluck with some, er, unusual treats.

I got to see a bunch of folks I only get to see at these events, such as Mighty Dee, Pacholik, Mandy’s Mom, MissAmerica1, lite rod, Flagman, Rantan, shirconn, garagedude, Westward Ho, FishPOET, HippieG, Dave W6DPS, lovesreward, aerospacecase, ellistruss, among many others! Here are a few more:

(photo courtesy Badgerdawg)


(photo courtesy Badgerdawg)



After this event, I headed up the hill for the next event, and got the next photo at this cache:
Boulders galore

The next morning, many of us gathered for TWO flash mobs in a row!
Lucky # 7
MOONridge Flash Mob Event

The second flash mob event was also at the beginning of a nice 3-mile RT hike up a trail at 7500 ft elevation. Following that, I jumped into jeeps with MIB Alienhunter, BWidget, Baad Daata, and Showstop for an afternoon of miles and miles of scenic driving on a some rocky jeep roads. The finds were easy and the company was fun, focussed, and frivolous – the best!

The weekend concluded with a final get together at a local Mexican restaurant:
Big send off to Big Bear

clockwise from me: MIBAlienhunter, Baad Daata, Showstop, Showstop’s future better half, BWidget

Thanks to all who organized all the fun!




4 responses

28 08 2008
Geocaching Online

Wow! Sounds *almost* as good as our weekend at the Atlantic Geofest! šŸ™‚ Ain’t Geocaching events just great?!

28 08 2008
Matt Seilback

Hey EMC,

Just wanted to leave a quick post to tell you about the short film I just completed surrounding two brothers who go out on the most important geocache of their lives. You can check it out by going to

If you like it, would you consider placing a post on your site directing others to it?

Thanks for your time!
Matt Seilback

28 08 2008
Elin Carlson

Consider it recommended! I look forward to watching it. šŸ™‚

1 09 2008

Great report, Elin! Thanks for coming to our event and making it a grand weekend! Hope to see you soon! Happy trails, jc- Badgerdawg

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