Supplemental: The Green River Odyssey Tour

22 08 2008

My adventure down the Green River with 25 strangers was also an historic look at the original exploration of the area by John Wesley Powell. The tour was led by Clay Jenkinson, a humanities scholar and author, who gave programs each evening on Powell’s life and work, among other things. I heard about this tour, because I’ve been listening to his weekly radio show for several years.

(Note: if you crave intelligent, civil discourse on politics, government, history, and a variety of other topics, I encourage you to check out his radio show in which he portrays Thomas Jefferson, and answers 21st-century questions from the 3rd president’s perspective. For more information, go to The Thomas Jefferson Hour.)

The scenery on the river was spectacular, so although there were no geocaches along our 5-day route floating through the wilderness, I wanted to post some of the photos I took.


my tent

our first campsite

our second campsite

the big paddle boat

a typical day on the river

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.




2 responses

23 08 2008

Looks like fun. I want to hit Moab, UT for some hiking and geocaching. I heard one of the rock arches collapsed though. That’s a bummer.

23 08 2008
Elin Carlson

Yes, is was Wall Arch that collapsed! It was very near Landscape Arch, and some of our group had hiked out to it.

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