Two Excursions with f0t0m0m

14 08 2008

I have the pleasure of caching with a number of different locals who enjoy the sport/hobby/obsession as much or… dare I say… even MORE than I do!

f0t0m0m is one such person, and our mutually flexible schedules allow us to sojourn out every week at least. We recently headed out to Palm Springs for an event, and found about 50 caches that day. This day turned out to be not so much about the hides as about finding a bunch in a series that was entertaining:

Creation #3: Light
Creation #19: Woman
Creation #14: Creatures of the Sea
Creation #9: Sun
Creation #18: Man

Camo – Element 27
Recreation – Element 86
Friends – Element 26
Hidden – Element 2
Nano – Element 11

The caches pages for the Element series are all very humorous, and it’s worth taking the time to go check them all out. Kudos to tntc for that!

The event was the usual treat hosted by Wheeler Dealers, with a container packing contest, welcoming stories, and great local food:

Oldtimers meet the New Guys in town

We even got the FTF on their new cache in the parking lot!
Geo Gas Cache

A couple of days later, we headed back out easterly to Lake Elsinore to complete the 58 California Counties Challenge cache! We had each visited all the counties on various and separate excursions, and were eager to log the final cache.

Discovering & Logging California’s 58 Counties

As it turned out, the effort to get to this one left us with only enough time for a handful more in the area, but here are some photos from our successful find!

f0t0m0m approached the cache through the dry creek bed:

Not really a spoiler:

Here I am near GZ, celebrating our mutual victory:

Many thanks to Team GeoRangers for inspiring me to visit ALL of the counties in this incredibly diverse and scenic state!




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