The Road to Mt. Shasta Ascends Through the Eastern Sierras

2 08 2008

The week before the scheduled summit trip, I spent 4 nights at Rock Creek Lake to acclimate to high altitude. I actually camped for 4 nights in a row in a tent! The altitude at the campground is 9700 feet, and to that I did a moderate hike each day. There were a few caches along the way to the lake and around Bishop, but no caches on any of the hikes!

Before I go further, I do want to thank two of the people who helped me with my preparation for summiting Mt. Shasta: Ranboze (a geocacher) and Jody (a hiking/singing buddy). Jody came up with me for these training hikes and camping, and Ranboze provided a wealth of knowledge and encouragement as I worked to accomplish this goal over the last year!

This is the path to Dorothy Lake, up around 10,000 feet:

This butterfly was showing off:

It started raining during this hike, and you can see the drops in this little lake:

Near the end of the hike, I shot my first bit of video with my new Canon SureShot!

The next day, we hiked up to Ruby Lake. There are a string of 9 lakes along the creek below it:

I couldn’t resist a good nap with Ruby Lake as my back yard for the afternoon:

On the third day, I headed over to the Ancient Bristlecone Pine forest, for a 4.5 trek through the remarkable trees. Here you can see a young one and an old one right next to each other:

This is a view from the trail, looking more or less east:

These are a few of the many ancient trees in the Methuselah grove:

A few of these trees are over 4500 years old!

I did get a couple of photos at the more noteworthy geocaches.
These hills have ears

Dazee’s Field of Dreams
They were using the adjacent area to stage helicopters to fight the huge number of forest fires in the area:

Yep, next stop = Mt. Shasta!!




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