Geocaching around Los Angeles

27 07 2008

I love the diversity that comes with geocaching, from clever urban hides to looks at landmarks to hikes with views, and I can get all of these all around where I live!

Team Dakiba placed a cache near and with a view of Capitol Records, where I’ve had the honor of doing recording projects:
Rock Capitol

Dooley, a professional comedian by the way, put one out requesting cat and dog jokes:
It’s Reigning Cats and Dogs

OLdweeb did a nice hide at a civic center where I go square dancing. The fitting title and the instructions tell you to bring a nut on a string to retrieve it. (I guess my string had a nut on both ends!)
Vanalden Park Piscator

Finally, Capdude put a couple more up in the Castle Peak area, so I hiked up to the one with the view, finding one I’d DNFd before along the way:
The Easy Way
Lavender Fields (Sage Actually)

It was a hazy day, but I always love a bird’s eye view of the San Fernando Valley!
Cache on!




One response

27 07 2008

Hey I really like the dogs & cats geocache. Gives me an idea for my next hide. Maybe elephant jokes!

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