Phoenix: not for power caching, darn it

16 07 2008

Well, our attempt at setting a record for 24 hours of caching didn’t even come close! We struggled for 15 hours just to get 100, far short of the 315 needed, and even much slower than our test run in Palm Springs, where we weren’t even trying for real speed!


We still had a great time in the desert and the city.

Cachepal and foon look for cache #100 – but they are actually about 30′ off!

f0t0m0m really likes the big bunny, though.

On the way, he and I saw some funny signs at a rest area: “Pet Area – 257 ft” “Pet Area – 157 ft”, then we saw these two signs at the appropriate distances apart:

Someone somewhere has a fun sense of humor:

The best caches of the weekend were:
The Doors – at large outdoor artwork with a wild audio component
MUGGLE FREE SINCE 1975 – nicely done container and access process
Arizona Falls – at a unique and lovely water processing station
Mine’s Still Bigger! – ginormous, well-organized container on a front porch
Li Ting – marvelously designed multi-cache/puzzle involving deduction and Chinese characters, also in a lovely setting.

Finally, here’s some desert flora:




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