The next steps to Mt. Shasta: Black Butte

10 07 2008

Black Butte is a striking volcano that sits right next to Mt. Shasta, and I’ve always wanted to climb it, too… so I did! I was up visiting my parents and the 5-mile RT hike up this steep, rocky, old volcano seemed the perfect thing to do break in my boots more.


The trail is really challenging in its rocky parts, and there’s some boulder scrambling to get to the old lookout, which I’m really nervous about. There were several people at the summit, though, so I had lots of help… and finally got the cache that’s up there!

Black Butte-y

On the way back, my feet starting hurting again… once again real tear-jerking agony… and I knew my boots needed more than breaking in! OW. I went straight to the Fifth Season, where I’d purchased them specifically for the Shasta adventure (I need crampon compatible footwear) to see what, if anything, could be done.

The local boot expert, Jacques, kept them over night to stretch them out. I picked them up the next day, hoping that would do it… or it might require more fussing with to get my feet to tolerate them… and might I be able to do that in time?

I’ll keep you in suspense, but here are my photos from the hike. The views were stellar – all the way to the horizon!

Above: do you see the chipmunk?
Below: I found these at the Shell station in Yreka. They still work!

OK, I won’t keep you in suspense. I took the boots on another test hike of about 5 miles, and they seem to be fine now!




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14 07 2012
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[…] Four years ago, I was preparing for my ultimately successful climb to the summit of Mt. Shasta. That still remains as the biggest, hardest physical challenge of my life. Black Butte hike, a trainer for the big one […]

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