The Road to Phoenix… begins in Palm Springs!

2 07 2008


Oh yes… I’m reprising a crazy day of caching with Cachepal (Bill)! We headed up to Porterville last summer with Team Perks to see how many we could do in a 24-hour period. After 20 hours, we’d found over 250… and ran out! We’re attempting this again on July 5, and Phoenix is the only place nearby where no one on the team has been. Team Perks is not available, so this time we have f0t0m0m (Jim) and foon (Alan).

We headed out to Palm Springs to hone our teamwork and practice in the heat. We had a lot of fun finding easy ones and wonderful placements mostly by the Wheeler Dealers and PS Arrow, ending up with about 70 for the day.

Fossil Fuel They’re putting in a whole new dinosaur park in Cabazon!
Long Gone The cache looked like old wires stuck in a fence post… marvelous.
This is the Ritz? A big Ritz cracker… at a cheap motel!
4 u PS Arrow The cache looked like part of a metal support… very nice.
2 Red Evil hide in a bougainvillea… but I spotted it! Nice container, actually, and not what you’d think.
Socially Acceptable We almost missed this one as it blended in with the gate hardware… awesome!

Here’s the gang:




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