16,000 Geocaches!

26 06 2008

Last Tuesday, I took a half-day run at 26 caches with f0t0m0m in the great downtown area of Los Angeles. Among other places, our course took us to a large fountain near Griffith Park:
Some More Kool Aid Fountain

an historic bridge in Silverlake:
Shakespeare Bridge

a couple of odd, abandoned staircases:
Mystery Stairs
Mystery Stairs – The Sequel

an odd, abandoned historical marker:
The Genius of Paul Landacre

and the site of the original settlement of Los Angeles:
El Balero
She’s a Grand Ole Lodge…

After finding a classic cache in a branch of the local library:

and assorted others, our day culminated in my 16,000th find!
City in Transition #04
which was placed by my good friend OLdweeb. It was fun to make a big milestone a rather random urban cache, but this one was across the street from a significant Buddist temple.

(Note: I wanted to get photos of the temple, but my camera battery died. Rats.)

5 years – 16,000 geocaches. wow.




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