The Road to Geowoodstock VI

6 06 2008

Wow… it’s taken me a long time to catch up on logging and photos, but here’s the first of my posts on my trip to Geowoodstock and beyond!

I drove up to Sacramento on Friday, intending to get to the evening Meet and Greet, but a gnarly accident blocking the 5 northbound pre-empted that. I did find 6 caches before diverting to the 99, and several of them were along Twisselman Road. One was at the ruins of some boiler rooms used once for heating crude oil.

Devil’s Den: Tales From The Boiler Room

The boilers:

Oil derricks in the fields:

The following day, I got to the main event, in between finding 100 caches with ZombieTribe and the Ventura Kids!

There were over 3000 geocachers in attendance, and the mega-event was run REALLY well. We all got fed dinner, listened to a country band, shopped for geocoins, T-shirts, and other assorted swag, and met up with as many other geocachers that we knew that we could find there. The weather was cool and overcast, which was fabulous. I even got to meet Jeremy for the first time, briefly. The next one will be back in Nashville, and I have it in my calendar already!




One response

6 06 2008

I like the boiler picture. Glad you had a good time.

Geocaching With Team Hick@Heart

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