Geocaching in TWO Nations’ Capitols

22 05 2008

My singing career took me to both Ottawa, Canada AND Washington, D.C. last week! My first stop was the former where I had time for a handful of caches and photos:
Wave the Flag – webcam near the capitol buildings
Canal One – a quick find near the Performing Arts Center
Laurier Bridge Troll – this multi showed me the historic underpinnings of the city’s first bridge
R910.285 T5 – a classic library cache

Waving at their flag:

The capitol building’s impressive tower:

An eternal flame burns out front:

A very pink tree near the 2nd of the caches:

WWI Memorial, and the crowd of kids out front was there for MusicFest, as was I:

The library still has a card catalog along with its computers:

The cards inside were mostly HANDWRITTEN!

An old staircase:

A sign at odds with itself:

This was my breakfast menu; it’s a good thing I know what “oeufs” are!

My next stop was a whirlwind couple of shows in Morristown, NJ, then I landed in Charlottesville, VA for two more shows! I had time for several in and around Charlottesville and on the way to DC. Here’s the webcam shot from Charlottesville:

It was just a block away from the theater where we performed:

I also visited Monticello, where there are NO geocaches, not even a virtual! I took several nice photos of the grounds, and will post them in an addendum blog post after this. My last stop before DC brought me to a virtual at a cemetary in an unusual place – right in the middle of a shopping mall!
Shirley You Jest

I found about a dozen virtuals in Washington DC:
Do you feel stupid yet?
The Lone Sailor
Pointing Skyward
The Actor Really Did Break A Leg
Expanse of Freedom
General of the Armies
a Wood Chuck’s Paradise
Mile Zero
Look west old man
What’s the Connection?

I also got this cool shot of the Washington monument with its big red eyes:

I wrapped up my week with a hike in the Topanga area on Monday, finding two and hiding two, then did two urbans while running errands today.
Another Topanga State Park
TSP: Resting Rock
Bridged Again
Hooray For Hollywood

Next week…. Geowoodstock VI!!!




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